104-year-old Spelman alumna celebrates homecoming

Annie Moore recently turned 104, and as so many can attest, she's lived a fabulous life marked by her fierce outfits. Now, the centenarian has another reason to get all dolled up.

Staff at the Atlanta assisted living facility where she lives decked it out in blue and white balloon arches Monday. They shook loud pom-poms and looked through old photo albums in honor of Spelman College's homecoming.

Moore is a proud alumna, and as it turns out, the Spelman sisterhood in the facility runs deep.

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Anne Moore, 104-year-old Spelman College alumna celebrates homecoming on Oct. 10, 23, 2023.

Nakaiya Turk remembered meeting Moore years ago at an alumni event. She says her effortless outfit caught her eye.

"I thought, 'She's so fashionable,'" Turk told FOX 5.

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Anne Moore

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By the end of the event, Turk said everyone was trying to figure out who would take Moore home. So, she did.

"I was her chauffeur. I drove her home, and we've been taking Atlanta by storm," she said.

Turk would later learn Moore was once a fashion designer whose work has appeared in Vogue.

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Anne Moore's fashion designs appeared in Vogue.

She traveled the world in search of timeless trends. But before those accolades, she graduated from Spelman College.

"My major was economics. Not Home Ec. Economics," Moore boasted.

Since then, she's attended countless reunions and been the woman of the hour at plenty of events, like her 104th birthday party at her living facility.

It's all thanks to her extended family: her Spelman sisters.

"You meet [Spelman women] at various walks of life. Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit. Everywhere," Vinissa Johnson, who works at the facility, said.

"I'm 33. She's 104. There's a 71-year age difference," Turk said. "Spelman sisterhood sees no age."

Her living facility might not be Spelman College–or Spelhouse homecoming–but for Moore, it's still home. That, alone, makes it enough.