Spectacular show lights up NFL Live

It's big, bright and you can even see it from the highway. Is Super Bowl LI's water and light show, a new attraction at Discovery Green's NFL Live set.

"Texas is huge and everything has to be big we have to try to out due ourselves from last year so this was one of the ideas we pitched and we were crossing our fingers, sure enough we got them to agree and say okay let's do it", says CEO of bluemedia Jared Smith.

Bluemedia is to thank for it. The company built and designed projectors that shine 156 times brighter than those in your bedroom and uses them to display a light show on a water from a fountain the company built as well as Houston's skyscrapers.

"I thought it was a great show I've never seen anything like that before in my life, real good show", says Juan Garcia who was enjoying the show Sunday night.

"We were not expecting this at all, it was amazing, it was beautiful," says Dayana Gone.

Guests get to watch a story of how NFL players battle their way to the big game.

It's made up of a water fountain that shoots 150 feet into the air and images that are projected into Houston's skyscrapers, from about 700 feet away.

Jared Smith says it's not an easy task to put on a show like this, but that it's definitely worth while to see the fans reactions.

"So we did a water projection on the lake and 3D mapping on the buildings as you can imagine we're not straight across from the building and it's not exactly a movie scene we have to map everything to fit the screen which in this case is the building and the transition between the two we don't think that has ever been done before", says Smith.

The show starts at 6:51 every night and lasts 8 minutes. It goes on four times a night and the last night to see it is Saturday.