Spalding County SWAT arrests woman accused of multiple robberies

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A 17-year-old may be a lot older after what’s to come for repeated robberies of the same clerk at the same Spalding County Exxon gas station.

Anna Caroline Halton was arrested in a SWAT takedown in Spalding county just a quarter mile away from the Exxon on Highway 19-41 and Vineyard.

Halton didn’t respond when FOX 5’s George Franco asked her if she had anything to say about what happened.

Investigators say Halton was recorded on surveillance at the Exxon.

You can see the terrified clerk facing the female robber with the gun who robbed him of several thousand dollars, early Friday morning and a couple of nights prior as well.

“He was just afraid; he was scared because she had a gun. He didn’t know what else to do but give her what she asked for,” said Wykia Chisholm, the manager at the Exxon.

When Franco asked, “You want to say why you went back to the same place twice?” Halton had nothing to say.

Investigators told FOX 5 News the Super 8 Motel where she and a man were staying is about a quarter mile away from the Exxon. He was also arrested.

SWAT arrived based on a tip which led to a short three-minute standoff. It ended when a flash bang grenade was tossed into the room.

“We did deploy a flashbang just based on her level of involvement with weapons and firearms and how careless she was using those firearms,” said Sgt. Josh Pitts with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

SWAT recovered a pistol and cash in the disheveled motel room the two were staying.

Investigators said it’s unclear if Halton had walked to the nearby Exxon or drove there.

But she won’t be going there again.

“If you committed these types of activities we’re going to catch you we’re not going to stop,” said Sgt. Pitts.

After the SWAT takedown, FOZ 5 News shared the news with the Exxon crew.

“Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, ding dong the witch is gone,” said Wykia.

Investigators told FOX 5 News Halton and the man who arrested with her were taken to Spalding County Jail on numerous charges.

Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix told FOX 5 News Halton is from Fayette County where she had pending arrests warrants.

He adds based on the charges she’s facing, if she’s convicted she could be behind bars until the age of 50.