Space capsule turns out to be art installation

Millard got permission first. 

"He calls my dad up and said he's interested in the cement mixer," said Yvette Kent, whose family owns the land the "space capsule" rests on. "My dad offers to sell it to him for $200, and he says,'I don't want to buy it. I want to paint on it', and my dad was like, 'Oh OK, go ahead'."

It took Millard just two days to turn the rusted junk into an art installation. It was convincing enough to cause a former NASA engineer to report that it had fallen from the sky. And he was one of the many passersby who called it in. 

"We sent some folks out, just to double check the area to make sure it wasn't indeed a piece of aircraft or a piece from space," said Trooper Kameron Lee with DPS.

The old cement mixer that had previously sat in the field for a long time, meant nothing to the folks who never noticed it. Millard showed that a few coats of paint and imagination could make a difference. 

“What you're looking at has been here 30-35 years, of people seeing it going by.” said Millard. “But, through this art of creation, now it's something brand new.” Watch the video to see what a little imagination can do.