South Fulton judge fights back against firing

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A City of South Fulton municipal judge who became an internet sensation has been terminated by the city council, after allegations of bullying and improperly pursuing a courtroom-based reality show.

City of South Fulton Judge Tiffany Sellers defended her character before city officials and plans to continue her fight to keep her position before Fulton County Superior Court.

"I'm not a bully," she said before the packed city council meeting at the government center on Stonewall Tell Road.

Her mother and a pastor also spoke in favor of her character. People who also appeared before the judge in the city's Municipal Court praised her as a fair judge.

City officials said employees voiced concerns over Judge Sellers' treatment of her staff and described the climate as a "hostile work environment."

Officials also voiced concerns about non-council-authorized discussions of the City of South Fulton Municipal Court appearing on reality television.

Sellers pushed back, stating that no formal agreement was ever made with any production company to pursue a court-based reality show. An agreement was made, however, to start discussions over the possibility of a show.

Sellers said dozens of production companies inquired about filming inside the all African-American female-led courtroom, for which thousands across the internet dubbed the team "Black Girl Magic" and praised the appointees for promoting female empowerment.

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