South Fulton house shot up; bullet landed on the woman's bed

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A woman's home in the City of South Fulton was shot up in what appears to be a driveby. It happened Wednesday night in the Madison Place neighborhood off Old National Highway. 

Felicia Harris was inside with her 8-year-old grandson. Harris said she had just flipped on the outdoor light when the bullets started flying. 

"I'm terrified, I"m really terrified. I was standing right there," said Harris. 

Harris said her grandson told her to get on the floor. 

"He said Nanna, that was gunshots. He said, 'Get down, get down, get down,'" said Harris. 

When the shooting stopped, Harris started looking at the damage. There were bullet holes in the walls, doors, and kitchen chairs. One of the bullets traveled through the entire house. It went through the kitchen, the living room, into a bedroom closet, through the closet door, the bathroom, and landed on Harris's bed.

Police found shell casings and fragments in the yard and throughout the house. 

"I'm hoping they capture whoever did this because they had no reason to do this to me. they did this to me, not anyone else, to me," said Harris. 

Harris said she has no idea who would shoot at her house, or why. Neighbors said they heard the shooting and saw a car speed off. Harris is hoping surveillance cameras at the end of the street captured images of the car and the people inside. 

"People are always saying so much is happening in Atlanta but I'm safe at home. I'm not safe at home, you're not safe anywhere, and the violence has to stop," said Harris.