Nuisance properties torn down in South Fulton

It was a welcome sight for residents in one South Fulton neighborhood.

Residents woke up Friday morning to find a demolition crew hard at work on Buckhurst Drive, tearing down a dilapidated house.

Neighbors told FOX 5 the house was vacant for several years, and eventually fell into disrepair.

"I'm very excited and happy to see it being torn down because it has been a major complaint by residents in the community," said George Terrell, a supervisor with the city of South Fulton Code Enforcement. "Crime, vandalism, and also people coming in and living on the properties."

Terrell said the city was finally able to demolish the residence thanks to the Fight against Blight Program.

It's the fifth dilapidated property to be demolished since the program's launch.

Garth Hewitt's residence backs up to the abandoned residence.

"It's just an eyesore," he said. "We live right behind it. People used to put garbage all over it."

The city's Community Development and Regulatory Affairs Department oversees the program and has identified more than 60 blighted properties for demolition and abatement action since the city's inception. Officials said problems associated with those properties existed for more than a decade before the city was established.

"We want to clean up the community, get rid of these houses and address violators," said Terrell.