South Fulton City Hall closing temporarily because of mold

South Fulton City Hall has announced a temporary closure due to the discovery of mold in its offices.

City officials took action after finding traces of mold in three specific offices at City Hall during a routine inspection. The decision was made to close City Hall for extensive remediation efforts to prevent future mold and moisture intrusion. 

The closure is seen as a precautionary step to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. 

Font-facing staff are being relocated to the Boat Rock office at 6095 Boat Roack Blvd. in South Fulton beginning Feb. 21. All other staff members will either work remotely or relocate to alternative offices during the remediation process

Updates regarding the reopening of South Fulton City Hall will be provided as soon as the remediation work is completed and the premises are deemed safe for occupancy, according to the city.