Driver crashes 'brand new BMW' into South Fulton home

South Fulton police responded to a car crash at a home on Flat Shoals Road early Sunday morning. The man who lives there said this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

"I heard a ‘boom, bang, boom,' and I knew what happened," Robert E. Chappelle said. "This is about the fourth time this happened at my home."

Chappelle told FOX 5 that over the years, he's seen a small car, a small pickup truck and an SUV come crashing into his house. But this time, he was surprised to see a brand-new BMW.

"It still has the new car smell on it," he said.

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Chappelle told FOX 5 he saw multiple people get out of the car and run before police could arrive.

"That's real dangerous. Imagine if I had been on the porch, or someone was walking in the yard to get the paper, or something. I could've gotten wiped out," Chappelle said. "I got grandchildren here."

Luckily, no one inside the home was injured.

It's not clear what caused the driver to crash. Chappelle said he lives on a hill, so he suspected the driver may have been distracted.

This investigation remains ongoing.