Beauty supply store burglars bust through hole in the wall, video shows

Crooks broke into a beauty supply store in South Fulton and stole more than $15,000 worth of merchandise.

According to police, they punched through the door of a vacant suite on Old National Highway, then knocked a hole in the wall of Beauty Master next door. The brazen burglary was caught on surveillance video.

Merchandise tumbled from the shelves as crooks broke down a wall at Beauty Master. They shimmied their way through the hole they created and onto the floor.

"They broke a lot of stuff. They broke the walls, lashes, knocked everything over," said a store employee who wished to remain anonymous. "It was something that nobody ever expected could happen."

The crooks, wearing dark hooded sweatshirts, dark pants and white masks broke in just after 4 a.m. on Monday.

Another video showed one of them hammering away at a locked door. Yet another showed one of the criminals lying on their back, trying to kick in a door.

"They had made their way by crawling on the floor," the employee said.

"They were very careful not to trigger the sensors," said Sgt. Pserda Dickerson of the South Fulton Police Department.

The crooks snagged wigs, eyelashes and suitcases. They stuffed the stolen merchandise into the luggage they grabbed, and pushed it out through the hole they punched to get in.

"It’s about $15,000 and upwards," the employee said. "It was so heartbreaking because they did a lot of damage. They are not considerate about the people who actually use their sweat to run this business."

The burglars are still on the run. Contact South Fulton police if you have any information on this crime.