Sorority convention in New Orleans cut short by Barry

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Several Atlanta women just got back from New Orleans on Friday morning. They flew there for the Delta Sigma Theta convention.

The convention brings more than 16,000 women from all over the nation, but Tropical Storm Barry cut the convention short.

These women said friends and family kept calling to make sure they were OK.

“The water and everything, because the flash flood on Wednesday, was horrendous and did not allow traffic and cars to go by like they should have,” said Cynthia L. Rivers, who flew back to Atlanta from New Orleans on Friday.

They decided to change their flight from Sunday to Friday morning to stay safe and put their families at ease. But they're not upset about the convention being canceled. They said Delta is a lifetime commitment, so they have plenty of time.

The good news is it was announced Friday the next national convention scheduled for 2021 will be held in Atlanta.