Songwriter's Soulful 'Ode To Starbucks'

Its no secret that Starbucks fans are often passionate about their beverage of choice. For some, the blend of a custom coffee creation and modern comforting social space are crucial to their weekly routine. For singer/songwriter Melody Guy, Starbucks is much more: a precious refuge. 

In 2011, she wrote a song called My Starbucks Down The Street. Interestingly enough, the song blossomed over time to have even more meaning in her life. As Melody has faced the challenges of divorce and a special needs child, her Starbucks relationship has offered her an interesting place to pause all the chaos and stress.

I had the chance to hear this song for the first time this week. Melody was playing in a small-town cafe just outside of Nashville, TN. When she introduced the song, I was expecting to hear a funny flap about frappes. Instead, we learned about a special relationship with a business that she can call her own, no matter where she is. (You can stream the song here) "I knew they had to be nice to me here - it was their job" Guy joked as she talked about the roots of the relationship. Over time, she says, her bonds with the Baristas have grown into friendships. 

Melody's struggles are the struggles of many. She's not rich, life and love are difficult, and music is her soul's expression. She literally drives herself around the country in her van, playing her heartfelt tunes to any audience that will listen. Her songs go much deeper than Starbucks. However, this song caught my ear as an interesting tribute: 

We’ve got history
Ya they know what i drink
They may even miss me
If I skip a day or a week
Quad tall americano
Three raw sugars and whipped creme
Ya they know me at My Starbucks Down The Street

And when I’m on the road
And I’m feeling kinda lonely
I know where i can go that feels like home
They all treat me just like family
Like they know me at My Starbucks Down The Street

They’ve seen me cry
When i broke with a boyfriend
They’ve seen me high
On life and a song
They know I’m alone
Not by choice but circumstantially
Cause they know me at My Starbucks Down The Street

And when I’m on the road
And I'm feeling kinda lonely
I know where i can go
that feels a lot like home
I feel comfort when I see that white and green
because they know me at My Starbucks Down The Street

Click here to stream the track.

I'm not sure I will ever look at a Starbucks the same way. 
Over the years, a couple of her local stores have invited her to share her tune with the coffee-sipping audience. Who knows, we may just hear her proudly singing from the radio speakers overhead one day. 
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UPDATE: In a statement, Starbucks says: "We’re delighted by Melody’s Ode to Starbucks and the connection she’s made with her baristas at her Starbucks Down The Street. For more than forty years we’ve worked to create an environment in our stores where people can share moments of connection like this over a cup of coffee, or in Melody’s case, a  tall quad Americano with three raw sugars and whipped cream.  We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow, Melody." 

Music and lyrics shared with FOX TV Stations with permission.