Some CAU students, parents shocked over housing chaos

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Several students at Clark Atlanta University are upset at the start of the school year after realizing they don't have housing on campus.

Classes start Wednesday. And students and parents said they filled out their financial aid paperwork and were surprised to learn they didn't have dormitories available to them once they arrived at the school.

Breanna Thompson, a CAU student from Tennessee, said she spent hours waiting to speak with officials about her housing situation.

"I have been here all day and nothing really has been resolved," Thompson stressed."I have all this stuff in my car. I am really at the point that I don't know what I am going to do."

The confusion has resulted in long lines and long waits outside offices on campus. A student sent FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell a picture of his peers waiting in a hallway after 6 p.m. Tuesday for answers.

In light of recent concerns regarding campus housing, Clark Atlanta University (CAU) sent FOX 5 the following statement:

Clark Atlanta University requires and provides housing for all freshmen and sophomores to live on campus subject to a specific exemption process. We have housing for all freshmen and sophomores who are financially enrolled.

In addition, we have housing for upperclassmen. Upperclassmen were asked to follow a two-step process: 1) to reserve housing with a deposit and 2) complete the financial enrollment process by August 1, 2018.

Communication went to all students beginning in May 2018 about the process and timelines, and the dates were extended several times.

Those who have not completed the financial enrollment process are being offered temporary housing while they complete the process.

The Office of Student Services and Campus Life is working diligently with students to complete their financial enrollment process. The office opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m.; all students signed in by 5:00 p.m. will receive service.