Some APD officers upset over city ending car washes

There are no car washes for Atlanta police officers. That is what they are finding out when they attempt to use the city account at a local car wash.

A spokesperson explained funds under the old contract have been expended and the city is looking for a new vendor. But according to officers and their union director, the situation with police cars has existed for months.

"These are not just cars, it’s our office because we do all our work inside the patrol vehicle," said Vince Champion, southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police officers.

Champion said officers are not complaining just for the sake of complaining.

"We’ve got the pandemic going on, and three officers each day have to share that cruiser," Champion said.

The union leader also pointed to police, from time to time, having to put suspects in the back of the car.

"Heaven forbid you get bodily fluids in there which happens from time to time," Champion said.

But theAtlanta Police Department maintains a separate unit that will immediately take care of bodily fluids as a bio-hazard matter.

Champion said one way to show City Hall supports the officers is to quickly reinstate the car washes.

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