Solid Credit Makes For a Lasting Marriage

When we look for a life-long partner often we are attracted to another person's physical appearance. Or, maybe it's a mutual hobby. But a new government study shows, maybe you should be looking at how that other person manages money.

It's often been said one of the most fought-about issues in a marriage is over money. One person spends, another saves. Not being able to pay bills creates toxic tension.

Buried in a 57-page study filled with lots of math and statistics are some really interesting nuggets.
The Federal Reserve Board looked at 12 million people over 15 years. The study reveals credit scores can be a window into your ability to maintain a committed relationship. And the higher the credit score, the better chance you have of a long marriage or partnership. And what's more, the paper goes on to say the closer your scores match at the beginning of your marriage then 'til death do us part' really starts to mean something.

Another interesting fact - even while couples had other potential stumbling blocks like different ethnicities, religion or income, a solid credit score made a difference in the longevity of the marriage.  

So, while credit scores aren't romantic, divorce certainly isn't either. Here's a link to that full study. It's very technical, but if you like that sort of thing, you'll love this. It is interesting.

Lastly, what if you and your partner start off with very different scores? Well, the data shows that for every 66-point difference in your credit score and your spouse's when you get married that it implies there's a 24 percent chance your marriage will fail in the second, third or fourth year of marriage.