Solicitors targeting Henry County residences, businesses asking for money for firefighters

Henry County authorities say a new scam is targeting residents and businesses asking for donations for the fire department.

Solicitors are asking for money from citizens to support firefighters and their efforts to provide safer communities in which to live and work.

Officials say solicitors try to convince citizens by saying specific information including names or “official” rank, or they might recall recently publicized department events to validate their cause.

“There may not be anything illegal about these organizations, but if the comments are that they are affiliated with the Henry County Fire Department, then that truly is a misrepresentation,” said Captain Michael Black.

The Henry County Fire Department says it will never call and solicit money or an electronic payment.  Legitimate donations are only accepted through department headquarters and the community relations office.

“Official fire business would also be done in an official vehicle with personnel wearing proper uniforms,” states Captain Black.

Authorities advise that residents should always protect themselves from becoming victims of identity theft and fraud, by never giving out any personal information when getting unsolicited phone calls.