Soldier sings ‘Sound of Music’ classic with children over video call

To understand how this heartfelt performance of “Do-Re-Mi” came together, we should start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Sgt. 1st Class Michaela Shelton is a member of the United States Army Field Band. Shelton assembled a cavalry of kid crooners, ages 4 to 12, from her own children’s chorus, according to Storyful. 

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The soldier put the music together and sent it out to her students, who then gave it their best Von Trapp go. The soldier said she wanted to create the video as a means of bringing the children together due to the stress and confusion of the current pandemic.

“Music not only connects people, but it has an incredible healing power, which is what we all need right now, especially children,” Shelton told Storyful. “And, personally, I really miss my little singers. Every time I get to work with them, they end up making my day brighter.”

Shelton isn’t the only person who has used music to soften people’s moods amid the pandemic.

 The United States Navy Band remotely gathered for a performance to pay musical tribute to Italy, their host country. And established rockers and singers have found that social distancing is no excuse to not make a killer music video.