Snow Lovers, Remember It's a Forecast, Not a Wishcast

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There are many Georgians who love the snow, or at least the threat of snow. Nothing gets people, newsrooms, and government agencies wound up more than the dreaded 'S' word.

Every year there is a threat and some years create stories that last a lifetime. The ice storm of ‘73, SnowJam of ‘82, the Blizzard of ‘93, Super Bowl Ice of 2000, Snow Apocalypse of 2014, to name a few.

In recent years the ease of obtaining weather modeling data by the public has generated a whole legion of "social media-rologists". One snapshot of one model run depicting inches of snow will go viral.

Tuesday, January 12 is a small example of that. Check out the images FOX 5 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist David Chandley captured. Three trusted weather models that all tell a different story. The GFS shows snowfall, the European shows nothing and the Canadian shows a few flurries in the mountains for Sunday morning.

The truth is, 5 days out, in the middle of January, during a strong El Nino season, no one knows what will happen early Sunday morning. More data is needed, more time is needed and the great news is, we will get both. So hold on to your weekend plans, check in every day and the FOX 5 Storm Team will do our best to give you plenty of time to prepare for the worst.

Can it really be only 68 days to Spring?