Snakes 'rattle' metro Atlanta residents

Metro Atlanta residents are reporting an increase in snake sightings and experts say last year's mild Winter is to blame. 

Angelo Byrd showed FOX 5 video of one of three snakes he discovered on his property on Saturday. One slithered into his yard during a gathering at his South Fulton home.

"This last one that came was pretty aggressive. The third one. Didn't know if it was a rat snake, king snake, possibly a water moccasin", Byrd told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes.

Byrd's daughter recorded video of a fourth snake they discovered climbing up the side of their house on Friday.

AAA Trapping Company’s Wes Freeman tells FOX 5 we're seeing more snake activity 
because Georgia's experienced milder winters in recent years.

He suggests spreading a product like “Snake Away” around the perimeter of your house as a repellant.  Freeman says most of the snakes native to Georgia are harmless.

“Best thing to do is give them a wide berth and let them go about their business," Freeman said. "If they are hanging in the area more than one day, it's telling you, you have a problem, maybe mice or rats in your area."

Byrd knows snakes are good for the environment, but like so many of us, wishes they would respect property lines. 

"You want to enjoy the outdoors, your front yard, backyard, without any type of animal, let alone a snake,” he said.