Smyrna firefighters rescue woman from burning condo

A fire forced residents at a Smyrna condo complex to flee to safety.  

The flames broke out at the Country Park Condominiums late Sunday, according to investigators. Neighbors noticed a porch on fire and called for help.

Firefighters arrived to find one woman trapped on her balcony, screaming for help. 

"I just tried to console her, let her know we were coming," described Firefighter Chad Ramsey.

Another crew member, Firefighter Justin Farmer, grabbed a ladder and stabilized it for the rescue. 

"The way the fire was, getting the patient down when she was panicked, teamwork really comes into play," said Farmer.

EMS workers took her to the hospital where she's listed in stable condition. 

The flames ruined eight condo units on the right side of the building.  The Red Cross is assisting those displaced.

Fire investigators are now looking into what sparked the fire.