Six cars in DeKalb County catch fire after fallen tree hits power lines that land on car

"I heard the explosion when I was in the room. I was about to take a shower," resident Kadija Diarra told FOX 5.

Kadija Diarra jumped up to investigate. In a matter of mere moments, she found out she was one of six people who would be losing their cars that day.

It turned out six cars caught fire in Clarkston Saturday after a fallen tree hit power lines in the area that then landed on one of the vehicles.

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From: FOX 5 Atlanta

A single unit from the DeKalb County Fire Department responded to the fires outside the Silver Oaks Apartments on Brockett Road and immediately knew they would need backup.

"I just run, come downstairs," Diarra said. "I couldn't see good, but there was black smoke and the fire jumped from one car to the next. Her car was at the end of the line.

Clarkston Police said the fallen tree caused a power pole to snap. No one was inside the first parked vehicle when the live wires landed on it.

The car ignited and started a chain reaction. Several other vehicles close to it burst into flames.

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(Credit: DeKalb County Fire Rescue)

No one was injured, and there have not been any reports of a structure fire. Each of the cars, however, were a total loss.

While Diarra lost her car, she said she knew it could've been much worse.

"It's not easy to see something you put your money toward go up in flames like that," she said. "But, it's okay. Money is just a material thing."

The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Capt. Jaeson Daniels said there would be an investigation into the case.

Other power outages have been reported across DeKalb County. To check your area, Georgia Power put together an outage map.