Sister upset after brother's alleged killer granted bond by Fulton County judge

In a surprising turn of events, a Georgia State business student's accused murderer has been granted bond. A Fulton County judge set the accused's bond at $100,000, leaving the victim's sister questioning the court's decision.

The suspect, Quataven Williams, currently resides in the Fulton County Jail and faces a murder charge for the tragic death of Derek Alexander. Deidra Alexander, the grieving sister of the victim, expressed her disbelief at the judge's decision to grant bond, stating, "I feel a little bit defeated."

Deidra Alexander's emotions were evident as she recounted her reaction to the news, saying, "I was very upset. I was caught off guard that he was given a bond, and I was caught off-guard even more so at the dollar amount."

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According to prosecutors, the incident occurred last April when Quataven Williams allegedly shot and killed Derek Alexander while he sat in a car at the Creekside in the Adamsville community on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in southwest Atlanta. Deidra Alexander vehemently opposed the granting of bond, stating, "I don't think that he should have gotten bond."

Criminal defense lawyer Tom Church weighed in on the situation, explaining, "Generally, when someone is charged with murder, it's going to be hard to get a bond at all." Church pointed out that under Georgia law, a judge can grant bond if the defendant meets four specific criteria:

  • They are not a flight risk.
  • They do not pose a danger to the community.
  • They are not a risk for intimidating witnesses.
  • They are not a risk for committing another felony.
  • In cases where bond is granted, it tends to be set at a high sum, such as the $100,000 bond in this case.

Deidra Alexander remains steadfast in her belief that Williams poses a threat to the community, regardless of the bond amount, stating, "No bond amount, if he was given a bond, was going to make me happy. I don't think this individual should be allowed to walk around."

As of now, the police are still actively searching for two other individuals connected to the case. Quataven Williams, having not posted bond, remains in custody at the Fulton County Jail.