Sister-in-law of MLK assaulted

Atlanta police are searching for an attacker who tried to car-jack Naomi King, sister-in-law of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.

The eighty-four-year-old King was returning home Friday evening to the Big Bethel senior living community on Richard Allen Boulevard in Atlanta.

King told police as she pulled up, a young black male approached her car and demanded her to get out. When King refused she was punched in the mouth by her attacker.

He again demanded her to get out of the car and she again refused, resulting in another blow to the face. The attacker then ran off.

Speaking to reporters Saturday, King says her attacker "doesn't know himself" and "needs to get himself together." She thanked God for protecting her and also says she was not scared during the ordeal. Since the attack, Atlanta Police officers have been stationed at the community, along with a security guard watching the entrance.

If you have any information on the case, you're asked to call Atlanta Police.