Singapore zoo: Panda father celebrates gender reveal party

Adorable footage shows the moment a zoo in Singapore held a gender reveal party for a new panda cub. 

Keepers at a wildlife reserve in Singapore showed Kai Kai, the proud father-to-be — who was also celebrating his own birthday on Sept. 10 — participate in his very own gender reveal. 

In the video, Kai Kai can be seen tugging on one of his enrichment gifts, sending a shower of blue confetti falling from the air, confirming that his future offspring will be male. 

The new cub, born in August, has not yet undergone a full veterinary examination as it remains with its mother. But its gender was determined through visual assessments performed by the panda care team, Wildlife Reserves Singapore said.

Fans of Kai Kai have been asked by the zoo operator to help name the cub. 

People can submit a name here for the panda cub as well as its symbolic meaning. A panel of judges is expected to choose a name within the next few days. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.