Shots fired at a Cobb County teenager party

Shots were fired late Saturday morning in an apartment at the Village at Lake Park community. Smyrna Police arrived after midnight Sunday and spoke to more than 20 teens who had different things to say about what happened.

Police said no one was hit by a bullet, but at least one person was injured in the chaos that followed the shooting. 

Neighbors say they didn’t hear the party, but they did hear the gunshots.

“We definitely heard them,” said Sean Harrison, “Woke me up, it woke her up, it's just very very frightening and we are just trying to calm ourselves." 

In the back of the building, you can see a boarded up broken window covered in blood. Police say they do not know the condition of the person who left the mess because they didn’t stick around to talk. 

Harrison says, when they heard the gunshots, they called 911, checked the doors, and took cover. 

"My wife and I we went and just sat in our closet I grabbed something in case there was a situation where I would have to defend myself but we stayed in there for the next two hours,” said Harrison. 

They heard people screaming on the other side of the wall, then they heard people talking outside their bedroom window well into the early morning hours. 

The Village Park Community Team sent residents a statement about what went on and how they are cooperating with police.

“Please know that your safety is our primary concern— and although we can not guarantee a crime free or safe environment, we will continue to do everything we can to promote a community everyone loves calling home.” 

Harrison and other neighbors we spoke to say they want more than a statement. Many told us they are staying in hotels to calm their nerves. 

Smyrna Police want anyone with information about what happened to come forward.