Shopper says she was robbed, assaulted at Lenox Square

A shopper said a man attacked her at Lenox Square on Friday evening.

She had just finished shopping and left through an isolated walkway that leads to garages and a hotel.

She spoke about it to FOX 5.

"I would walk a couple of steps, then he started walking," she said describing his actions. "If I stopped, he stopped."

The victim said she was grabbed from behind and showed a large knife that she called a machete.

She said he directed her to go outside the walkway to a parking stairwell. At first, she said, he demanded cash. She turned over $60.

Next, the man began using his knife to cut her clothing -- her pants and her bra.

He tried to physically assault her, but suddenly stopped when he uttered, "they're coming" believing security might be on the way.

The victim said the attacker told him to remain on the steps for five minutes while he fled.

The victim sustained minor cuts. That attacker cut himself with his large knife, leaving a trail of blood evidence for investigators.

A spokesman for the chief said patrols at Lenox Square will be increased.