Shoplifting glasses nationwide problem

Gainesville Police want you to keep an eye out for two women seen in surveillance video swiping thousands of dollars’ worth of eyeglass frames. One woman is seen in the video putting several pairs of glasses up her shirt before walking out of a store at Lakeshore Mall. 

Back in April, Gainesville had a similar theft. In that case, a man and woman were seen stealing eyeglasses. Other local jurisdictions have had their share of people shoplifting eyeglasses. Police said it's happening nationwide all because of the latest fad. It's stylish these days to wear glasses, even if you have perfect vision.

“It's the new fad and what we see, with school starting back, people are going out and looking for these items,” said Sgt. Kevin Holbrook with Gainesville Police.

Investigators have been searching flea markets and internet ads, hoping to find some of the frames but they said recovering the stolen goods is tricky.

“It's not what you'd find with a TV with a serial number, once they've been taken out of the store there's no way to identify where they've come from” said Holbrook.

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