Shoplifters nabbed at Publix: Red snapper hidden in pants

The Duluth Police Department posted this photo of a woman being arrested after investigators say officers found a Red Snapper in her pants on June 18, 2024.  (Duluth Police Department)

Police in Duluth say they went fishing for three shoplifters at a Publix supermarket this week. 

The Duluth Police Department posted on its Facebook page the fish tale, resulting in the arrest of three suspects. 

On Tuesday, officers responded to a shoplifting call at the Publix off Buford Highway. 

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One man was apprehended immediately, while two women attempted to evade capture by hiding in the store’s bathroom, the post revealed. 

After a brief standoff, the two women eventually emerged and cooperated with the authorities. Surveillance footage revealed that one of the females had concealed several Red Snapper fish in her pants. The stolen goods were valued at approximately $80.  

Both the man and woman involved in the incident were charged with shoplifting. Their names have not been released. 

The police department thanked Publix employees and the community for helping to "reel in these shoplifters."