Shootout at DeKalb County wing shop caught on camera

Two people have been injured in a shootout that started as an argument at a DeKalb County wing restaurant overnight, witnesses say. 

The shooting happened around 2 a.m. at the Atlanta's Best Wings restaurant connected to a BP gas station off DeKalb Medical Parkway and Covington Highway.

FOX 5 cameras saw crime scene tape surrounding the gas station and bullet holes in multiple windows at the restaurant.

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(Billy Heath/FOX 5)

A woman whose daughter was working at the restaurant at the time of the shooting said that two men got into a fight at the restaurant. The woman said both men pulled out guns and started shooting.

Surveillance video obtained by FOX 5 showed one man walking toward another man standing near the counter of the restaurant. The two men suddenly get into a scuffle, and the second man pulls out a gun and starts shooting.

The video then shows the second man leaving and returning to the store twice. The first time, he gets into a fight and shoots the wounded man, who is now lying on the floor. The injured man then drags himself out of the camera's view, leaving a trail of blood on the floor.

When the gunman returned for the second time, the footage shows him running up to the counter and grabbing something. While he's trying to leave again, he's shot while going out the door.

FOX 5 spoke to Jay Kim, whose wife owns the business. Kim believed the argument was about money.

"The shooter just got shot," Kim explained, "just over a few dollars."

All of this happened while workers and others were inside and outside the gas station.

Witnesses said they weren't able to see what happened but weren't surprised about the violence.

It's been a dangerous week in DeKalb County. Six people were  shot in a neighborhood last Thursday. Eight people were injured in a shooting at a strip club Sunday.

"I don't know. We have to do better. Just going to get something to eat late at night, this isn't what you want to go through," Mario Marshall said.

Mario Marshall lives nearby and said if he was there a few minutes earlier, he could have been caught in the crossfire.

"I just happen to pull up here to get some hot wings maybe two hours ago. There was a guy laying in the ground. I walked in and they told me to get out. Next thing I know, police just swarm the place," Marshall said.

The employees inside were not injured.

Both DeKalb County and Lithonia police officers are at the scene working to gather evidence.

If you have any information about the shooting, call the DeKalb County Police Department.

No word if any charges have been filed just yet.