Shooting in Walmart Parking Lot

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Witnesses tell FOX 5 Walmart customers ran for safety, after gunshots rang out early Saturday evening in the store parking lot off Georgia Highway 85 in Riverdale.


"They just started running to get somewhere safe," said Tiffany Small, who said no one was allowed to leave the store for several minutes after the shooting.

CSI investigators with Clayton County Police said a man was shot with non-life-threatening injuries. Witnesses described seeing another vehicle pull up to the victim's black SUV before shots rang out.

Officers from Riverdale Police and Clayton County Police shut down part of the Walmart parking lot for some time.

"[Police] had it taped up where no one could get inside their car," Small said. Some store workers told FOX 5 they waited around two hours to finally leave the parking lot.

A block away, witnesses inside the Dairy Queen tell FOX 5 a man with a gunshot wound to his mouth and another to his back stumbled inside. Officers also surrounded the scene. 

The Riverdale Police chief informed FOX 5 investigators are still looking for the suspect.