Shooter's wife recalls deadly confrontation outside Arlington Walgreens

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A woman shot outside the Walgreens in Arlington is now out of the hospital and recovering from her injuries.

Quinisha Johnson shared pictures of her heavily bandaged leg with FOX 4. She spoke to reporter James Rose over the phone while resting with family members.

She said her new husband, 22-year-old Ricci Bradden, drove in from Fort Hood Monday morning because he was upset about a photo she had posted on Facebook. She saw him inside the store where she works on the corner of New York Avenue and Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington just before noon.

She followed him outside and he confronted her about the picture. He seemed angry and accused her of trying to get attention from other people, she said.

Johnson said she began to walk away because she didn’t want to get into an argument in front of her co-workers. When she did she heard the gun cock.

Bradden fired one shot into the ground. The second shot hit Johnson’s ankle. She was trying to get help and yelling for her manager to lock the doors when she heard more gunfire.

“I just felt like he was trying to kill me. That's what it felt like at the moment,” she said.

Police said 35-year-old TJ Antell just so happened to be at the store at the same time and saw what was happening. He tried to intervene, pulled his own gun on Bradden and told him to get out of his car. Bradden did, but then he shot Antell in the head.

Antell’s family said it was very characteristic of him to stand up for a woman.

“He went into protective mode. He’s a father. He is protective by nature and he thought he could help everyone involved and tragically it went a different way,” said Marc Lowrance, his pastor.

Johnson also thinks he’s a hero for trying to come to her rescue. She wants his family to know that she is praying for them and that she is truly sorry for what happened.

“I was really hurt because this man did nothing wrong. This man tried to help me and he lost his life,” she said. “Even though I didn’t know him, just the fact that he tried to help me, he is a great man.”

Bradden eventually surrendered in Hill County after talking to his father and supervising officers at Fort Hood. He’s being held at the jail there on a $500,000 bond and will be transferred back to Tarrant County soon.

Johnson said she and her husband have been married for less than two months but dated for four years. She said the way she saw Bradden act Monday was different than usual.

“He was trying to kill me, like he didn't care at that moment.  When I went outside and when he did shoot, when he did pull his gun out, the look on his face, was just like he was just like angry,” Johnson said, adding that she plans to divorce him.

"I just want to let him know that I do forgive him.  Because you're supposed to forgive people you're just never supposed to forget it.  But I just hope that he gets the help he needs.”