Shiloh Elementary School cafeteria worker celebrates 95th birthday with students and staff

It's a huge milestone for Martha Strickland, as she celebrated her 95th birthday on November 12.

Students and staff members have affectionally given her the name "Granny."

Ms. Martha has been working at Shiloh Elementary for nearly 30 years and says she does it because she loves it.

She has been celebrating her birthday at the school since she turned 80 years old.

Over the years the school has honored her with a plaque, named a garden in her honor and the cafeteria staff wears a shirt each year to celebrate.

The students make birthday cards for "Granny" each year.

Staff members say she saves those cards and reads them over and over to herself.

Ms. Martha says she'll have a birthday celebration with her family this Sunday, and says she hopes to see us back at the school next year for her 96 birthday celebration.