Sheriff's Controversial Warning Now a T-shirt

If Harris County, Georgia is politically incorrect, as Sheriff Mike Jolley’s now famous sign proclaims, well then at Hamilton’s Boutique on The Square, they are learning that apparently so are other folks from other places too.

Calls are pouring in to by t-shirt with the Sherriff’s now self-proclaimed, politically incorrect warning.

“Warning.  Harris County is politically incorrect.  We say:  Merry Christmas, God Bless America, In God We Trust. We salute our flag and our troops. If this offends you... LEAVE.

The Boutique’s owners say the t-shirt started as a joke and coast to coast people have laughed, picked p the phone and placed their order.

“They are supporting Sheriff Jolley and they know that this is about free speech,” co-owner Jessica Beck said.

Sheriff Jolley sign has made national headlines and a few enemies as well. He told FOX 5 News:

“The vast majority of people in Atlanta think this way.  But no one will have the intestinal fortitude to just do it.”

The man and his message, whether on the sign or someone’s back, is resonating.

The idea for a t-shirt came from Harris High graduate Devin Goodman, who learned screen printing in school. So his trade and his values have deep roots in Harris County.

“It is just a statement that people can wear,” Goodman said.

The t-shirts come in short sleeve and long. They are sold out, for now. They are taking orders for another batch.  And those are quickly selling out too.