Sheriff: Mom inflicted 'excessive pain' on infant, refused medical care

A Dawsonville woman has been arrested for, allegedly, inflicting “excessive pain” on her 18-month-old daughter and refusing to get the child proper medical care.

Amy King and her boyfriend, Mitchell Samples, 29, were arrested. King is charged with three counts of second-degree child cruelty and one count of first-degree child cruelty. Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said multiple counts of aggravated battery and cruelty to children are pending against Samples.

Sheriff Johnson said the injuries to the little boy happened over time period between February 27 and March 4.

“The child has broken bones, burns and bruises. Even veteran investigator say the injuries are the worst they have seen in a while,” said the sheriff.

Neighbor Roman Smith said she has not been able to sleep since learning about the extensive injuries to King’s son. She said King and her boyfriend, Mitchell Samples, just moved into an adjoining duplex Thursday. Ms. Smith said she noticed King’s son did not look well.

“I held him; he looked sick, cranky. I saw the burns on his hands. He seemed like he was in a lot of pain,” Smith said.

The charges against King stem from accusations that the mother of three instructed the infant’s caregiver not to seek doctor’s care after admittedly knowing that there was something wrong with the child’s arm. Instead, she lanced the blisters on the child’s hands and feet herself causing “excessive pain,” deputies said.

King also, reportedly, intentionally failed to obtain medical clearance for the infant.

Sheriff Johnson said the little boy is in intensive care. King’s other two small children are staying with their father.

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