Sheriff: Hospitalized Georgia deputy improving but needs prayers

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office says a deputy who was hospitalized earlier this week has shown improvement but still needs the community's prayers.

On Wednesday, the sheriff's office said that Lt. Richard Harrison was admitted to the hospital with a high fever and difficulty breathing.

A few days later, officials say that Harrison's chest X-rays have shown improvement and his oxygen has been holding steady.

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"He still isn't out of the woods," the sheriff's office said.

Officials say Harrison was known and loved by the community and needs their help to get better.

Doctors have not ruled out a possible COVID-19 infection but are waiting on test results to determine what could have caused the sudden health problems.

"Thank you for all of the prayers so far because that is what has given us this good news," the sheriff's office wrote. "We ask that you please continue to pray! God is so much better to us than what we deserve."

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