Sheriff: Gun pulled at Douglas County dog park

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Scary moments at a public park in Douglas County caught on camera.

Albert Partin can be seen on cell phone video brandishing a gun during a confrontation at Deer Lick Park in Douglas County on Monday.

“When I got about right here, he pulled his weapon,” said victim Christopher Mungin.

Christopher Mungin’s wife recorded the video. Mungin claimed Partin pulled a gun on the couple and another woman when they got into an argument with him at the dog park. Mungin said Partin used profanity and racial slurs before drawing his weapon.

“I just stood there because I was like did he really just pull out a gun at a dog park and on the other side I was like oh crap it’s a gun,” said Mungin.

“He came at me out of those gates and that’s when I drew the weapon,” said suspect Albert Partin.

Partin insists he acted in self-defense that Mungin was the aggressor.

“I thought he was going to attack me. It was strictly in self-defense. I never drew a weapon at anybody,” said Partin.

Mungin believes the incident was racially motivated, that Partin pulled a gun on him because he’s black. Mungin also criticizing the actions of deputies who responded after he called 911.

 “The Police came and were very aggressive towards me. You would’ve thought I was the one who pulled the gun out and he was the one who called 911,” said Mungin.

Mungin’s upset Partin was only charged with a misdemeanor.

“What Mr. Mungin problem is he wanted us to go out there and throw folks on the ground and lock them up because of what he said. We don’t operate like that. We do things professionally,” said Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds.

The sheriff defended his deputies’ actions and explained why the misdemeanor charge against Partain was justified.

“He may not have been charged period if he had holstered the weapon when the threat left, but since he kept waving it around endangering other folks’ life he was charged with misdemeanor,” the sheriff said.