Shelters and churches in central Georgia open for evacuees

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Many of the Florida evacuees headed north and stopped in central Georgia. Hotels are booked solid, so churches started opening their doors.

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church welcomed the evacuees with food, mattresses, and games for the kids.

"As people were coming up they said we're so tired, could we stay here and take a load off, and we said absolutely!" said Pastor Jeramie Frasure.

Jeff Forman sought refuge here. His elderly mom lives in Houston and had to be rescued during Hurricane Harvey. Now, he's the one running from Irma.

We're just going to pray and hold on that's all we can do," said Forman.

Other churches are helping out at rest stops along the interstate. When Ashley Rhodes from Florida stopped in, she was overwhelmed with their generosity. She was tired and worried about her home back in Florida.

"It lifts me when I'm already down here, it lifts me up here, because they don't have to be standing out here to help total strangers. But they are, thank the good Lord above," said Rhodes.