Second contractor pleads guilty in Atlanta bribery investigation

Charlie  Richards, owner of C.P. Richards Construction, plead guilty in Federal Court to one count of bribery conspiracy.

U.S. Attorney, John Horn, said Richards paid more than $185,000 in bribes to an unidentified person to obtain City of Atlanta contracts.

“From approximately 2010 to August 2015, Richards conspired with E.R. Mitchell to buy lucrative construction-related contracts with the City of Atlanta,” said U.S. Attorney John A. Horn. “Contractors who willingly participate in a pay-to-play contracting system subvert the process for those who try to compete fairly and ultimately undermine the public’s trust in government.”

Richards is the second construction owner to plead guilty in the far reaching City of Atlanta cash for contracts investigation.  Earlier this year, E.R. Mitchell, owner of several construction companies, plead guilty to one count of bribery conspiracy. He admitted to paying more than a million dollars in bribes  to an individual in exchange for City of Atlanta contracts, believing that some of the money would be paid to city official/s who exercised influence over the contracting process.

Richards' attorney Lynne Borsuk says Richards "did a bad thing," but paid the money at the behest of E.R. Mitchell, in an effort to keep his business afloat and employees on the payroll.

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