Search for car break-in suspects in Carroll County

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Carrolton Police are among the agencies looking for a road-weary pair of car break-in suspects that were captured on video using a stolen credit card.

Police said they believe the two men traveled down Interstate 20 breaking into cars from metro Atlanta to close to the Alabama state line.

Carrollton Police hope surveillance video they released will help nab a couple of suspected car break-in thieves.

"We found out they had committed some entering autos in Douglasville and Villa Rica possibly,” Capt. Shannon Cantrell.

They also hit August 10 in the Mill Pond subdivision, breaking into about 30 cars Thursday night into Friday morning. Mill Pond actually has a pond, where the signs read “Catch and Release.” Residents here hope with the surveillance video police catch and keep the men responsible.

"Petty. I guess it's people who need money. But hopefully we have some tool here now to get it stopped," said neighbor David Jolly.

Police said the cars hit were unlocked. They said that's usually the case. And one gun was stolen from a car.

"Chances are what we see in residential areas is that they don't bust windows. We see cars where the windows are broken out in shopping centers because they are not worried about the noise. But typically, in the middle of the night around a house, they don't want to draw attention to themselves," said Capt. Cantrell.

Police said the video also shows that the men were driving a white Chrysler sedan.