Scottsdale Police: Woman shot boyfriend in the groin for having an affair

WARNING: Graphic content. Discretion advised.

A Valley woman is in jail and accused of attempted murder, after police said she allegedly shot her boyfriend in the groin area, over the weekend.

The shooting happened, because the woman allegedly thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. The woman, identified as Delia Flores, reportedly told police at first that she had no idea who show her boyfriend in their home on Saturday, but later changed her story.

Flores, 54, reportedly admitted to shooting her boyfriend at least seven times. The man, who was reportedly shot as he was sleeping, suffered gunshot injuries to his neck, back, and groin area. He is expected to survive his injuries.

According to police, Flores called 911 to say her boyfriend was shot in a home near Scottsdale and Happy Valley Roads. According to documents, Flores later admitted to detectives at the scene that she shot her boyfriend.

The boyfriend had reportedly dated Flores for two years, and according to police, he was sleeping in a chair when he was shot. The boyfriend was reportedly startled awake by what he thought were "fireworks" before feeling an intense pain.

A search of the house by detectives reportedly uncovered a box for a .32 caliber handgun, along with a receipt that shows Flores purchasing the gun 10 days before the shooting.

A judge has reportedly set a $750,000 bond for Flores.