School district plans Saturday school to overcome learning loss

Educators across the country said students have suffered during the pandemic. Many districts are trying to find ways to overcome the learning loss. Rome City Schools released their plans to help, and it looks like some students will be spending their Saturdays in a classroom.

Rome City Schools Superintendent Louis Byars presented their plan to help students catch up at Tuesday night's board meeting.

"We're looking at doing numerous things to address learning loss," said Byars.

They plan to use CARES funding to expand a number of their programs.

"We're going to include a bigger summer school program to get more students involved, then going into next year, a bigger after-school program and Saturday school," said Asst. Superintendent Dr. Dawn Williams.

That's right. Saturday School for middle and high school students. Transportation will be provided. It will be recommended for some, highly encouraged for others.

"Especially high school students. We're going to say hey you need to do this, it is an opportunity to help you recover the credits you need," said Dr. Williams.

Of course, teachers, who have already had a difficult year, have to be on board for Saturday classes as well

"This has been a tough year for them. Burn out and stress levels are high, and we're concerned about that. We just have to hope that we have enough teachers to do it.  I think we will," said Dr. Williams.

School officials say it's going to take work and a lot of time, possibly years, but they'll do whatever is necessary to get students back on track.

"As many opportunities as we can to give students to give them a chance to catch up or to move ahead, we're going to do it," said Dr. Williams.

The district also plans to add paraprofessionals to elementary classrooms to help the younger students.

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