'Satan Club' proposed for Cobb County elementary school

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It's a far reaching alternative for the Bible Belt: an after school Satan Cub.

Members of the Satanic Temple have chosen Still Elementary in Powder Springs, in the conservative Cobb County School District, as ground zero for establishing a Satan Club.

"We're drawing attention to these discrepancies between the separation of church and states and special rights given to special interest groups," said Jedd Drummond.

Satanic Temple members Jedd Drummond and Rob Thompson said the Satanic Temple, with chapters in Atlanta and many cities, does not preach religion or follow evil notions of the Christian symbol of Satan, the devil. They said Satanic Temple tenants focus on common sense, science and individual liberties. They also believe a Satanic club should have a place next to religious clubs already in place at schools like Still elementary.

They say like all school clubs, it's up to the discretion of parents to allow their children to join or not.