Santa Ana rapper's song about overcoming drug use goes viral, inspiring others

In a culture that often celebrates drugs use, Mark Henriquez is speaking about overcoming it.

His recent rap song has over 6 million views and a powerful message.
"I remember when my mom was in distress and sick from stress. She was stuck on drugs. She picked up meth," says Mark in the video.

That was 12 years ago, when Mark was 10 years old.

The Santa Ana song writer picked up rapping to deal with his mother's addiction.

"Because of my addiction, I lost my job of 16 years, I lost my kids, I lost my apt," says his mom in the video.

Mark tells FOX 11, at one point, the family feared losing their lives.
There was a time I was at a Cyber Café. And I heard that a dealer pulled a gun on my mom. So we ran back to the house. There were helicopters, at least 10 cop cars. That was a very difficult time," says Mark. 
It took Ruby 4 years to get sober.
"It was just a very bad experience in my life, very bad," says Ruby.
The struggle, Mark says, is what made him stronger.
It's also how the song ends.
"Momma made us who we are today. And I don't regret a thing thank you for everything," says Mark.

"Seeing everything she's gone through, and seeing that she's made it out of it, is very inspiring to me," says Mark. 
Mark hopes his story will inspire others
"I had a guy who told me he hadn't spoke to his mom in 8 years and this song inspired him to reach out to her," says Mark. 
"I just want to say to whoever out there - going through the same thing, not to give up. Don't give up, and don't ever surrender to the drug. Because you can do it. It can happen," says Ruby.
In two weeks, Mark will perform at a women's correctional facility in Bakersfield.
Many of those women are recovering addicts, Mark and his mom hope to tell them they can recover and reconnect with their kids too.

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