Sandy Springs woman celebrates 109th birthday

A Sandy Springs woman, Peggy Cobb, celebrated a remarkable milestone on May 22, turning 109 years old. 

In addition to her impressive age, Peggy was honored for her 75 years of service and generosity to the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO), a sisterhood dedicated to motivating, educating, and celebrating women.

To mark Peggy's significant birthday and her longstanding commitment to positive impact, the staff and fellow residents at Hammond Glen Retirement Community hosted an afternoon filled with fun and festivities.

Cobb was one of six siblings and the fourth daughter out of five. Her father owned a small bank during the Great Depression in 1929, and after the economic downturn, the family turned to farming to make a living.

She graduated with an education degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Education from St. Cloud State University, achieving these degrees at a time when it was rare for women to attend or graduate from college.

Mrs. Cobb was married for 59 years and has lived through the terms of 18 U.S. presidents. For her 108th birthday, she wrote a children's book titled "Painter Pan: The Rainbow Man," recounting a tale she told to generations of children in her family.