Salisbury man on the road again with kidney ad on truck

A Salisbury man on a quest to find his wife a kidney donor finally got the call he’s been waiting for.

Harry Fero’s unique strategy quickly gained attention in their community. But as we learned, there’s still more work to be done.

When we first talked to Harry Fero this past summer, he was a man on a mission to save his wife’s life.

And it wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t do anything and everything possible to make sure she stayed by his side.

“We’ve been waiting for a year for a kidney. And we got one call and they told us they’d give us a call back in an hour but it fell through,” he said.

Charlene Fero needed a kidney transplant and a magnetic sign on the back of his truck was his creative way of finding the perfect match.

At first, Charlene couldn’t believe it.

“I’m thinking you’re kidding. I thought he was joking,” she said.

She was surprised. Then the phone calls started pouring in.

The most important call came from a complete stranger who saw our news report and the truck. He contacted them and that’s how things started to turn around for this family. She had a successful kidney transplant surgery.

“I don’t know how many people in this world believe in prayer, but I can assure you I believe in prayer. Prayer works,” she said.

The donor wants to stay anonymous because he didn’t do it for attention. Now that she’s back on her feet, Charlene says there’s still more work to be done.

The truck will now have to hit the road once again. This time, to save her son’s life.

Her family recently learned their oldest son, who also has Polycystic Kidney Disease will now need a transplant as well.

“He’s going to get a kidney. If it would have been him and me at the same time, I would have turned the kidney down and given it to him,” she said crying.

Now, her husband has to get a new sign and drive it around town one more time, hoping someone will call soon. They would consider it the perfect Christmas present.