Centennial High student stabbed during fight on campus, officials say

Centennial High School in Roswell

A high school student in Roswell is recovering after being stabbed in the stomach by a classmate on campus, school officials say.

It happened at Centennial High School located at 9310 Scott Road in Roswell. Officials with Fulton County Schools say the incident started as a fight between the two students. School police said it escalated from there with one of the students using a pocket knife to stab the other student.

The injured student was taken to an area hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Centennial High School in Roswell (FOX 5)

The high school’s principal released the following statement to parents on Tuesday:

"I want to assure you that Centennial High School is a safe school. Unfortunately, sometimes students still make poor choices in how to resolve peer-to-peer conflict, which is why our practice at Centennial is to have administrators and teachers assigned to supervise students in the morning, during lunch, and during afternoon dismissal. Additionally, please know that during every class change we have teachers and administrators positioned throughout the school to ensure that students move through the hallways and to their classes in an organized and calm manner. When disruptions occur, we handle them immediately. In addition, please remind students that contraband such as pocket knives, Tasers, pepper spray etc. have no place in school, any student found in possession of one will be assigned the appropriate consequence in line with the Fulton County Code of Conduct."

Centennial High School in Roswell (FOX 5)

School officials said the incident will be fully pursued as a criminal offense.

Due to their age, the names of the students have not been released.

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