Rome woman describes brutal attack at work

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A Floyd County woman said she was forced to go into hiding after being brutally attacked at her work.

Rome Police said Kimberly Garrett, 54, was assaulted, pepper sprayed, and choked unconscious at the Lowe’s Home Improvement store while she was on her break. The attack happened on May 13 around 7:30 p.m.

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Garrett said her attacker had cold eyes and wore black Spandex and gloves. She said she had mixed emotions as she blanked out.

“Part of me thought it was the end, then part of me said ‘no, you ain't taking me out this way,’” the normally happy-go-lucky woman said.

Rome Police said Garrett's attacker was standing over her when her co-worker, Angela Wilson, was coming back from her break. Wilson thought Garrett suffered a seizure and ran over to help. Police said that is when the attacker assaulted Wilson as well.

“As she approached, he grabbed the sunglasses from her face and sprayed her with mace also. So, she was unable to get a physical description either. We truly believe if Ms. Wilson had not intervened, Ms. Garrett may not have made it,” Investigator Ryan Hutchins said.



Police believe Garrett was targeted, but they will not say why. The mother of two adult children remained in hiding as of Thursday night.

Police describe the attack as having a muscular build. He took off in an older model Ford F-150 pickup truck with an extended or crew cab, heading toward Alabama.