Rome man kills step-mom in house fire because mom wouldn't sell, police say

Rome police arrested a man who reportedly admitted to burning his parents' house down with his step-mother inside. Police say the man did it because she refused to sell.

Two officers responded to a structure fire at 11 Addington Court where a woman was said to be trapped inside the trailer on the property.

Pfc. Gilbreath and Officer Blankenship said there were flames coming out of the roof, around the front door and the back door, keeping them from entering.

Police said there were three men outside when they arrived: 55-year-old Edward Lary, his 26-year-old son Timothy Edward Lary, and their 30-year-old neighbor Quentin Patric Ealy.

"He set the fire and my wife is inside. I want him to go to jail," Edward, who lived inside the trailer, told police. He pointed to his shirtless son on the side of the road.

"Did you set fire to the house?" the police asked Timothy.

"Yeah, I did," he reportedly answered.

Timothy was promptly arrested as police updated the dispatcher that this was now a case of arson.

Timothy Edward Lary (Credit: Rome Police Department)

Man threatened to burn home down before fire

Edward Lary told police that Timothy's mom owned the lot and had been renting it to Edward and his wife. He told them Timothy thought that his mom should sell the lot and give him the money. He said his son spent the day working himself into a rage.

Timothy allegedly told his father and step-mother that he was going to burn the house down while they were at work. Edward told the police that his son then lit a bunch of papers on fire and threw them onto the mattress in his room, starting the massive fire.

Edward said he yelled for his wife to get out of the house as he ran out himself. He said he thought she was right behind him, but when he made it outside, she was nowhere to be found. He believed she ran back inside to try and rescue their three pets.

Firefighters discovered the bodies of a woman, two small dogs and a small cat inside the house.

The home was taped off, and a search warrant was obtained.

Police found a small torch lighter and a small amount of marijuana on Timothy when he was arrested.

As the police drove Timothy away from the scene, they said he looked back at the house and said, "Yeah, let him get your ashes."

Neighbor calls police on man for starting fire in Rome parents' home

Quentin Patric Ely, a neighbor to the Lary family, called 911 late Saturday night to report the house fire.

Quentin told police he overheard screaming between Timothy and his step-mother before he saw the fire. He told police that Timothy's step-mother was trapped inside. He said he could hear her screaming.

Timothy was charged with felony murder, neglect to a disabled adult, elderly person or resident, three counts of cruelty to animals, three counts of arson in the first degree and two counts of aggravated assault.

Officials said the remains of the deceased will be sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab.