Rome High School creates virtual prom for students

Rome High School hosted a virtual prom for its students Saturday night.

"We created a virtual prom here at Rome High School. It's always time for creative thinking, different way of doing things. obviously, we can't do the normal times. We must be creative and courageous," said Dr. Eric Holland, the principal of Rome High School. 

Carson Garrett and his fellow classmates have experienced an unusual senior year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"From kindergarten to now, we've always talked about when you receive that diploma, when you walk across the stage when you go to your last prom. and it's really disheartening to have these events canceled," Garrett said. 

Garrett, the senior class president along with the junior class president worked with school officials to plan the virtual prom. 

"It's a good way to show that our school is still here for our kids even though we're not there in person. It's still going to be real nice to have the little time to get together and have some fun," said Adan Escutia-Cruz, the junior class president. 

Garrett and his friends gathered on a Zoom call Saturday night, taking part in a one of a kind, social distancing friendly prom. 

Garrett said it was encouraging to see the Rome High School community come together to create a memorable experience for the class of 2020. 

"I think it really shows how strong of a community we are and how our school is trying to do things for us in this difficult time," Garrett said.