Rocks, bricks thrown at passing cars smashing windshields

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It was dangerous and potentially deadly. Paulding County Sheriff's Investigators said someone has been throwing rocks or bricks at cars driving on Highway 61, smashing windshields.

Salina Hake was on her way to work when something big hit her window.

"It seemed like it just fell out of the sky, something huge hit my windshield. The impact was so hard, the glass spewed all the way to the back seat," said Hake.

Hake's 5-month-old daughter was in the back seat. Shards of glass landed on her car seat and baby blanket. Fortunately, the car seat's sun shade was up and protected her face.

"It could have hit her eyes," said Hake.

Deputies said a number of cars were hit between 6:30 and 7:30 Thursday morning on Highway 61 near Paulding High School. They do not know exactly how many vehicles because not everyone has filed a report. Investigators believe a person or a group of people were hiding in the woods, throwing rocks or bricks at passing vehicles.

Daniel Beauchamp's car got hit.

"All of a sudden bam, something hit the windshield. Glass went all in the car, landed in my lap, on my face," said Beauchamp.

It startled him, but he managed to maintain his lane.

"If somebody had freaked out or gotten glass in their eyes they could have crashed and gotten hurt, or hit somebody," said Beauchamp.

Investigators said the people doing this could face a range of charges from reckless conduct to aggravated assault. They are urging anyone who saw something to contact the sheriff's office.